BARBELL RIOT was founded on April 8, 2016, and specializes in: athletic apparel, personal training, and training programs.

BARBELL RIOT IS A LIFESTYLE.  A lifestyle that embodies relentlessness, mercilessness, and exemplarity. 

Relentlessness: Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting.

Our Take On It: A word that describes the journey of being consistent with your training and above all, life. Not just "maintaining the bar," pushing beyond the previous bar and becoming something greater each day. It's not about striving for excellence, it's about achieving it repeatedly.

Mercilessness: Without mercy; having or showing no mercy; pitiless; cruel.

Our Take On It: Showing no pity for your excuses, bad days, and conflicted schedules and just taking care of business. Not letting life get in the way of your goals. Destroying the negativity and slaughtering the doubt in your minds and instead, outputting 100% performance on all fronts.

Exemplarity: Worthy of imitation; commendable; serving as a model.

Our Take On It: Be worthy of imitation, be the one to set the bar, and be the one to pave the way. Leave no stone unturned. Set the tone by making more moves than announcements.

We maintain this philosophy in order that we are successful in our lives, and everything that BARBELL RIOT embodies.


We wanted to create an athletic apparel brand that embodies our philosophy; relentlessness, mercilessness, and exemplarity.


We want to reach the masses and aid them in acheiving greatness. We want you to achieve what we sought out to and accomplished. Better yet, CONQUERED & ANNIHILATED. We have programs that will assist you in general health & fitness (weight loss, building lean muscle, and strength), powerlifting, and NPC (bikini, figure, physique, classic physique, and light & super heavyweight bodybuilding).